Friday, July 17, 2015

Scrappy Mom's Stamps Guest Designer

hey everyone I am so excited to share with you that I am guest designing during the next week for Scrappy Mom's Stamps

Unfortunately I took 80% of my craft stuff to our new house moving day is on Monday which means more projects from me in a brand new craft room!!!

So my improvise isn't the best project but I figured these would fit perfectly in to my wallet or backpack when I am out and about.

 I used some random project life cards and stamped on them using the New Random Acts of Kindness. I usually have paperclips or a stapler in my bag, I have like everything in my bag. 
I can quickly attach a dollar to a card to give to someone on the streets. Living in Portland Oregon we have a huge homeless population and a lot of pan handlers so even just a sweet little note that says it gets better can brighten someone's day. 

These project life cards also have printed sayings on the back. 
I picked the lined ones because I could also write someone a little note also.


  1. Great idea to have them made and handy to give out. Thank you for joining us this month at Scrappy Moms Stamps! :)

    - Mel

  2. Jessi, Simple but a fantastic idea to have these on hand.