Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Day 12

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Welcome to the Twelfth day of Christmas!
I am actually really sad for it to end, it’s been a lot of fun bringing you all projects for 12 days straight, let me tell you though, it’s been rough at the same time but I’m glad I did it. I needed this jump-start to get myself back in to the crafting and blogging mode.
For today’s project I made little treat bags for my puppy’s friends. If you don’t know, I have an almost 8-month-old black with a bit of white Pit Bull puppy. His name is Shippo. He is literally the center of my world. He has helped me heal emotionally after a deep depression surrounding not being able to have children. And I would do anything for this dog. He is one spoiled puppy, and is almost as socially awkward as I am.
With this being his first Christmas, he has more gifts than anyone else!
These treat bags are a mix of files so read carefully. 

The dog is from a file called Birthday Puppy, but Happy Woof-day (http://kadoodlebugdesigns.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=38&products_id=352) would work. You need to create a peeker.
You will need a head, ears, body and the two front paws.
I sized the ears smaller so it would be closer to the look of my puppy.

In your software either Silhouette studio or design space or what ever you need to size them how you see fit.
My cookies are dog cookies from petco. I tried to get you a link but they all kept going to bulk orders, and I don’t know about you but I don’t need 20-50lbs of these cookies.
I got mine in a pack of 30 for $5. But they have similar ones year round in the treat bar. Shippo loves these.

Thank you so much for coming by to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with me. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season, and a wonderful New Year! Be sure to follow my blog to get updates for when I post as well as my social media’s which are at the top of the page.
  Here is a quick recap of the projects 

Head on over to the Kadoodle Bug Designs fan page and like and comment on this photo for a chance to win a pattern of your choice.

As far as the give away here leave a comment every day for the 12 days of Christmas with a number 1-12
The prizes include twine bundles,  a stamp set, ink pads, paper pads, 5 cricut lite cartridges they have been packaged up inside brown paper bags with numbers (1-12) stapled to the top. I have no idea what is in each bag. If you are the winner for that particular day the number you comment will be which bag you win. I hope that makes sense.

(the give away will remain open until December 26th 2014 this gives a few days to get caught up) winners will be announced on Monday December 29th 2014


  1. Loved the 12 days. I too am childless (NOT by my choice), and while DH won't let me get a pet because we travel too much now, I certainly understand how much joy having one can bring. Have a great first Christmas with your pup and thanks again for all the inspiration. My number today - 9.

  2. Jessi, I too am sad to see the 12 days coming to an end. I have loved every single creation you have brought us, and scraplifted more than a few for future inspiration. We also have a dog name Mr. Wilson aka Wittles. He is what my husband lovingly refers to as my empty nest baby. Our children are all grown up and have their own lives now. It is amazing the therapeutic value of an animal for depression. From my family to you and Shippo we wish you the truly most blessed of holiday's. Sincerely, MaryAnn todays # is #2

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. This is definitely my most favorite creation of all 12 days. I love that you have such love for your puppy! For different reasons I went through a bad depression and my animals helped me in such a huge way too. I have always been a huge animal lover so they were already pretty spoiled but now they are even more spoiled. I didn't think there was anyone who spoiled their pets as much as me, but I see I share that spotlight, lol! I always wrap their gifts and yes they do open them, but I have never decorated their treats so I just love this idea of decorating their goodies! That will look adorable in their stockings! Thank you so much for this idea & for sharing such a personal part of your life. Not sure your situation but I pray that their still may be a chance for you. My best friend just adopted a baby less than a month ago. After having cancer at age 21 she couldnt have kids. She in her 40's now and husband #3 (her childhood bff) wanted to make her dreams come true so this is her first Christmas as a mommy. I really hope one day your dream will still come true. Merry Christmas sweetie! (#4) Kisses to your puppy too! I just love the breed! So sweet!

  4. What a fun and sweet
    gift idea! My fur babies
    would love one. Today
    I'll say #7 and Merry
    Carla from Utah

  5. Adorable!! On my sons letter to Santa he wrote that our furry friend needed Christmas gifts also and asked for a bone and treats for her! lol This would be a super cute way to give them to her! Love it, Thank you so much for all the inspiration Jessi!! Hope you, your family and your adorable Shippo have the merriest Christmas! #5

  6. This is sooo cute :) This would be a great way to give my fur baby (Yedi) or my dear friend calls him her Vanilla Love Seal his Christmas gifts...Thank you for sharing :) #5