Saturday, July 27, 2013

Let Nature be Your teacher Card!/Little update

Hey Everyone, 

Sorry I've kind of been MIA from posting, 
not that I am not crafting just a very busy life!! 
School, work, sleep, work, school, more school, work, oh and some more school... 
did I mention school? 
and very little sleep!!! 
With that being Said 
I am also now teaching Silhouette Cameo Classes locally. 
After the Class some of those lessons will be released on my YouTube Channel,
which will hopefully have a lot more new videos in the near future.. 

now on with the Project!!! 

this little bear is on an action wobble 
I used the black sketch pen for the sentiment which is from that same set. 
also doodled parts of the eyes. I must toot my own horn... I am getting better at eyes.... 
add some cheap ribbon, and wa-la