Monday, May 27, 2013

Schools out Hop

Welcome to the 

Its your kids favorite time of year!
Schools out! Well almost.
Unfortunately as adults we dont get summers off.
Wouldnt that be nice!
No work for almost three months and just time to craft and/or relax.
Today we are featuring items from the My Life in Arts' n Crafts shop and were making something to do with school being out!
So lets get summer vacation started, and pretend we get those three months off!

When I was in high school, I can remember riding my bike all over since none of my friends drove, I at least had a good excuse. We rode bikes several miles then went swimming at the pool all day. we had whip cream and cookie dough fights! we were weird teenagers. I packed up and left right after graduation. I didn't even go back until 5 years later! and I still looked the same everyone else not so much. I do kind of look like I should still be in high school. when i was 21 i got in to the zoo for the price of a 13 year old! and i still get carded for R rated movies!
 kinda sucks at bars!

I have a few college friends who are getting ready to graduate from MHCC and move on to the next school. so I'm going to make them all graduation goodie bags with cards. 
i made a shaped card from a grad bear. i used the blue shimmer twine to make a tassel. and because i lost my white gel pen i tried to use my distress marker and found out the fine tip is dead! guess i'm getting a gel pen and a new marker soon. 
sorry guys i'm way to tired tonight to redo this card! 

wanna win some of the new shimmer twine! head over to the shop and pick out your fav. leave it in the comments below along with your fav summer memories as a kid!
make sure to follow my blog! and see ya next week!

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  1. I love the blue shimmer twine. It reminds me of all the summers spent fishing and swimming at our family's trailer on Graphite Lake. The days just seem to drift on forever back then and nothing had to be rushed or planned out. The joy of splashing with my cousins or fishing in the cool evening could take as long as we wanted. I hope my kids find that same kind of peace when summer vacation begins.

  2. Wow! So much inspiration! Love this wonderful creation!

  3. Rainbow Teal Shimmer Twine! Teal is one of my favorite colors and Coral is the other. My special Summers were spent in West Virginia. There were so many cousins and they all came with their parents who all came to see my Daddy when we visited each year. Dad had nine brothers and sisters and no one had less than 4 children; one had 10! We would all gather and sing old hymns and have a big family dinner. Us kids were happy just playing under grandma's big back porch. We got to milk her cow, and pick from her garden and oh the apple trees. An Aunt lived up the path and she was a real sweetie; she always had candy for us. They had hollers and creeks. Swimmin' holes were abundant and there was a feeling of freedom, excitement and joy. I sure miss those days. Thanks for the opportunity to share and remember!