Friday, July 20, 2012

Home Decor Hop Day 1

Welcome to the Home Decor & More blog hop. This is a 2 day event, so be sure and join us both days for even more projects! Our host is Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapbooker. If you came from Melissa Pinter

We all have drawers, closets & possibly rooms full of scrapbooking supplies. Those beautiful, colorful supplies don't have to be limited to our pages. We hope to inspire you to use your supplies in Home Decor projects that add that special touch to our homes.

What can you make out of a Styrofoam ball, flower pot, dowel rod,  and coffee filters?
A bush!! That I cant kill!!

Ok so you need some glue, I used becon 527 and straight pins. I also sprayed it with some knock off glimmer spay. And some floral tape. I kind of like this bush.
First you need to fold your coffee filters in to half then half again.
I wrapped my dowel rod with green floral tape. I used some packing material I had laying around to make the dowel rod stand up in the pot. Then I pushed the ball on to the dowel rod.
Next take your Styrofoam ball and working in small sections apply your glue. And attach the coffee filters. You will need the stick pins to hold the coffee filter in place on the ball until it dries. Try pinning in a pattern.
Once your ball is covered and dry scrunch the coffee filters on the ball to make it look fluffy. Then add some glimmer spray. I used some more filters stuffed in to the pot and sprayed them green.
The various sizes and shaped of Styrofoam balls could make this a fun project for any holiday.
eggs, wreaths, you name it. i got a wreath too so thats the next on the agenda. 

Thanks for stopping & looking at my Home Decor project, be sure & stop again tomorrow for my second Decor item.

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  1. You surely wouldn't be able to kill that! lol... Great idea Jessi... Love it can't wait to see what you have for tomorrow

  2. Man, Jessi, when did you find time to make this cute flower?! So sweet!

    Ellen (CardMonkey)

  3. Cute bush. I need something like that so I don't kill it.

  4. Yay! I'm so happy with the way this turned out for you. I know you call it a bush, but I think it resembles those pretty multi-colored carnations :)

  5. Great - and yep you can't kill it - just don't forget you can't water it:-) Lovely idea. TFS

  6. Your "bush" is darling, but looks like a pretty flower!
    It will brighten up you space :)

  7. Jessi, Thats so cool! What a Brilliant Idea! I need to make one because I kill everything lol.. This is too cute! Tfs your bush is great! Can't wait to see your project for tomorrow!

  8. Best flowers ever!!!!! The one you cant kill.LOL

  9. Now that's my kind of flora--something that needs no water, won't lose its colors, and is easy to make! Love it, thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm liking the idea of no water needed! your "bush" flower is very nice. TFS!

  11. Great idea. TFS.
    dmcardmaker (at aol dot com)
    (new email follower)

  12. Fabulous! I like that "no kill" flower idea:-) TFS:-)

    ~Tammy S

  13. Oh my word, how cool is that. Bet some teacher would love that for an art project! In fact i sent an email to my friend who publishes a small teacher's mag with art ideas. Thank you so much for sharing! GFC follower as Marianne Barkman


  14. I would never have guessed coffee filters! What a pretty idea and you are right, even I probably couldn't kill it. lol
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. Like your bush! you weren't kidding LOL. very cute!

  16. What a fun looking project!! great Sunday afternoon project,

  17. fabulous!!! love the color you added!

  18. What a fun project. I could see this for party decor too!