Friday, June 15, 2012

scraps to treasure's hop day one

Welcome to Scraps to Treasures blog hop day one if you happen to arrive here just by chance make sure you head over to Robins blog. If you are coming from Paulas you are in the right place.

I have more scraps than I know what to do with, oh wait I just got some marshmallows and graham cracker, whos up for smores. hehe jk
This is how I store my Scraps and my other paper. 

For todays post I have a cute fathers day card I made for my uncle, since my father isnt really in my life. And my uncle is the most important man in my life.

Remember those flowers I made, well I have a ton of scraps form doing that tree. if not click here.
I cut an inch by 3 ¾ and made my own background paper. I used left over dies from cuts I only used a few from. (the my creative time dies)  I ended up having the same stash in white, kraft, and brown
I used another inch by 5-inch strip on the side and stamped for you.

I wrote on the inside you may not be my dad by you are the most important man in my life happy fathers day. If my uncle wasnt such a tough ass Im sure he would of cried. Its ok he picks on me a lot.
Now that Im done being all sappy. 
Head on over to Shannons blog.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Super Cute! Love the way you used up those scraps!

  2. GREAT card.. I love those mooostaches ;) They are adorable! Great card!

  3. Super Cute! I just helped my Grand Children make a Card for their Papaw for Father's Day! I had to hand cut the Mustache. Sure wish I had that Die. Thanks for Sharing! :0)

  4. I love your card and its so meaningfull to your uncle, he must be so happy with it :D Love the use of the stash (both paper and facial!)!

  5. liking this A LOT!
    how cute with the moustaches ~ very apropos!
    and currently fashionable!
    Have a great Scraps to Treasures hopping weekend :)

  6. What a great masculine card! Love it. Thanks for sharing your storage ideas for scrap papers. You have inspired me to get mine organized....

    Thanks for hopping along with me!


  7. Enjoyed your video and you do like I do with my scraps. I trim them but I don't organize them beyond that. I have a tub I put them in. I find I use my scraps before I move on to new paper since my tub of scraps sits next to me on the floor and is easier to go through than my paper. Also, the mustache card is really cute. Jearise in Lorby's World.

  8. That is a really cool card. Thanks so much for sharing.

    racincrafts at aim dot com

  9. Awwwwwwwe that was nice of you:)) cute card!

  10. Wonderful projects with your scraps!!!! *Erica

  11. Wonderful card!!

  12. I'm sure your uncle would definitely tear up over that card. My daughter noted for the first time (that I can recall), now that she's 26 that her stepdad is really more of a father to her than her own bio-dad, and she wants to spend time with John (stepdad) today. Awwww. But it's true. We honor those who have been like a dad today ... not just our bio-Dads. To be honest, I think it's a hokey holiday anyway, in that I honor my Dad with love all the time, I don't need Hallmark to remind me to do it. And since my Dad's birthday was just 3 weeks ago, it's redundant. But if I had another guy who was a like a Dad to me, today's his day!

    Happy Mustache Day!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  13. What a great card. Love the mustaches.