Friday, December 16, 2011

Easy Christmas Gifts n goodies Ep 2

For today I have an awesome Christmas gift idea
Why not giving cake pops
I used a yellow cake mix added 2 teaspoons of flavoring
For this one I used 1 tsp of vanilla
And 1tsp of peppermint
And followed the recipe on the box
Baked the cake as directed then mashed it up with a potato masher ( I didn’t even know what this tool was for until a year ago)
Added a tub of rainbow party chip icing and mashed like no tomorrow
Here’s the trick if your cake is still warm when you start mashing your icing will melt in and get gooey and be easier
Then refrigerate for at least 30 mins
Now its time to make the balls
Yes I know now you can get a pan to make these but remember my motto (crafting for those broke bitches)
Now melt some chocolate chips
I do it in the microwave
This is how :

Poor a bag of chips in to a microwave safe bowl
Microwave 30 seconds
Remove stir
Repeat until fully melted
Do not over nuke your chocolate it will burn quick
Now you will need some lollipop sticks
I got mine from Michael’s
Dip the end of your stick in the chocolate
Then dip that same end in to your cake ball
Once you are done with them all put them back in the fridge to chill for about 30 mins
Now you are ready to decorate
Use sprinkles sugars, chocolate, icing what ever you want.
You can get really  fancy if you want or leave them plain.
Then package in a 3 by 5 bag and use a pretty twist tie.
Now one to part two of this post
The packaging
I used my Cricut imagine for the stock image
I cut it out using die cuts with a view pattern paper and cut the shape out at around 2.6ish
I should of flipped one but wasn’t thinking when I cut tons of this shape out
Then you will need a 2 by 2 inch square I used brown
Score one side of the die cut try to mirror them up so your pattern will be on the correct sides
I scored at one line past 2.5 on each
Then I punched two holes on the other side
Then we want to attach the scored end to the square.
Set your pop in to the holder and thread your ribbon through the holes and make a bow
How freaking cute is that.
Happy Crafting holidays

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