Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just the Pigs

this is their post,
So i have 8 Yes 8 guinea pigs
Willow (almost 5 years old)

Zinnia (6 months old, mother to Moose, Gremlin, Luna and Butterscotch)
Hamlet (a year and a half, Brothers to Maxwell, Father to Moose, Gremlin, Luna and Butterscotch)

Maxwell ( year and a half, brother to Hamlet)

Moose n Gremlin (born August 31st 2011 siblings to Luna and Butterscotch. baby boys)

Luna n Butterscotch (born August 31st, siblings to Moose and Gremlin, baby girls)

I love my guineas more than nething and they have a huge custom cage in my living room. i would do anything for them.

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