Thursday, July 21, 2011

New addition to the Family of Critters

I am expecting baby guinea pigs, I am obsessed with guinea pigs more than paper, Hard to believe.
any way I have a breeding pair and this is my first litter so I am very excited I actually took her to the vet for an ultra sound today.
Miss Zinnia is pregnant with at least two piggies and she is due august 28th -September 12th.
there will be lots of videos of my little ones when they arrive.
tomorrow I will be setting up her new cage for her temporary housing for the last few weeks of her pregnancy and while nursing.
I don’t suggest breeding guineas until you know everything about them. I have been a cavy enthusiast for 5 years before even attempting my first liter. and you should never breed unless you have permanent home lined up before. just think if there is 8 babies can you keep them all if need be. my answer is YES.
My babies will be going to their new homes with a strict contract for what ever reason you can not keep this animal it comes back to me.

this is how pigs get weighed 

at least two babies

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