Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gypsy Update

So my Gypsy got stuck doing an update... idk if it was my laptop of my gypsy
... this does not make me happy
I couldnt load some of the newerish cartridges ie the ones that came out since the gypsy was realised like a year ago..
its not like i have a ton of cartridges yet im a little behind with whats going on in the provo craft world..
I am going to make some cards tonight. I need to make a get well card for a friends husband.
please pray for him to have a quick and easy recovery
he was shot christmas eve night his bullet proof vest saved his life but he still has a long recovery ahead of him...
I think i want to buy some chalkboard paint and paint part of a wall with it but might be easier to just buy one .

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